Friday, January 9, 2009

first post!!!

Okay, so I am not a blogger.   The longest diary I have ever kept is two weeks.  But I am really going to try with this one.  And it won't be so much a will be mostly pictures with short paragraphs about what I am doing and such...

So what am I doing?  I am sailing around the world (on a cruise ship with no sails) on a program called Semester at Sea, with 700 other students from all over the country.  I will be taking classes while I'm on the ship and stopping at amazing places all over the world.  Our current itinerary (which was changed from the original because of the Somali pirates) is posted to the right.  While we are in each country, we can go wherever we want within that country.  If anyone has suggestions, let me know!

here is a link to the website if you want more info (go to "voyages" and then "spring 2009" to see mine)
here is the link if you want to send me mail (scroll down to the bottom of the page) which I would love, but definitely don't worry about it if it's too expensive.

I will be taking four classes while on the ship: Global Studies (which everyone has to take), Marine Biology, Nutrition Around the World, and Physics for Mariners.  I'm excited about them in my nerdy way of being excited about most classes before they actually start.  These classes aren't transferring anywhere because I have already graduated, but I have signed some academic integrity form saying that I won't fail on purpose, even though you probably know that I couldn't let myself fail a class anyway.  :)  

I think that's all for now.  I'm actually in San Francisco right now doing early grad school interviews at UCSF, Berkeley, and Stanford.  I fly back to Midland on Thursday and leave for the Bahamas on Saturday, so it is going to be a crazy week.  We set sail on Monday, January 19th.  I'll post more when I've actually been on the ship for a few days.  


Allie said...

sounds amazing - have fun! also good luck on your grad school interviews. so stressful to have them all at the same time but it's gotta feel great when they're all over.

Aunt Linda said...

Sounds really fun & exciting. I'm looking 4ward seeing the photos. Good luck with your grad interviews; as always, I know you'll do great. Have FUN at sea!!
Love, your Aunt Linda & Uncle Kevin

Matthew said...

Welcome to the "Blog-o-sphere."

Looking forward to the pics and updates.

Susan said...

Hi Colleen,

Safe travels and have a fantastic time seeing the world!


Aunt Susan, Uncle, Rick, Ben, and Rachel