Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Toward the end

Well, I am finally in the eastern time zone again and I will be home late tomorrow night.  I just wanted to add a few pictures since we've left Guatemala.  On May 3, we went through the Panama Canal.  There are two sets of locks to go up at the beginning, then we traverse a lake to the other side of the country, and then go down to sets of locks to the Atlantic ocean.  I watched both of the up locks in the morning while tanning.  For our ship to go through the Panama Canal costs about $140,000.  Here is a picture of a ship that was slightly in front of us in the second set of locks, whom we were mirroring in the lane next to them.  It was really cool to watch the water come in and watch the ship rising up.  It only took a couple of minutes to go up the height you see in this picture.  

That day was also the Ambassador's Ball, a semi-formal dinner and dance.  The food was really good and then dancing was fun for a while, and then my friends and I just hung out for the rest of the night and took a bunch of pictures.  Here is a picture of all of my friends (minus one, Conor), everyone looking very snazzy all dressed up.  I got my dress made in Vietnam for $40 and I love it.  

Here is also a good picture of Ben, Jill, Conor and I after dinner.

At 10 pm there was an amazing dessert bar with lots of delicious things.  There were all sorts of sculptures, though they weren't exactly edible, like the Taj Mahal below.  They also had the Great Wall and other monuments from places that we went.

These last couple of day we have been hanging out and lying in the sun a lot.  I also packed yesterday, because they take our luggage today and then we pick it up when we get off the ship tomorrow.  I will see some of you in the next few days and then many more throughout the summer!!!

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