Tuesday, February 24, 2009

constantly losing time

Since we are traveling east around the world, we are constantly losing time. We lost an hour last night, tonight and I think even tomorrow night too. Everyone dreads hearing the words "set your clocks forward one hour tonight"on the evening announcements. One hour doesn't seem like much, but three nights in a row definitely catches up to you, especially when you are constantly fighting getting rocked to sleep by the ship anyway. 

Then we gain all of the time we lose back in one day when we cross the international dateline, and we even have class on both of the repeat days. The day that we get repeated is April 12, which also happens to be Easter. Everyone thinks this is kind of funny, and for us I guess Jesus is going to rise twice. 

That's about all the rambling I've got for now. I will try and put up something about South Africa in the next couple of days. I have been sick for several days which has gotten me behind on all sorts of things, but luckily I've been feeling better this evening after sleeping for 6 hours all afternoon.

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Paul said...

I know Colleen, aren't the time changes just annoying and exhausting? It really gets bad going from Japan to Hawaii. We got to repeat Tax day (April 15) twice. We thought that was pretty funny. Continue to have a blast!!